Walking Dead Review: Killer Within

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Man oh man, S3E4 of The Walking Dead was one for the books.  Not only did we lose one, but two main characters that have been with us since the beginning.  Glen Mazzara is definitely keeping it moving this season and no one is safe.

Lets take a look at the first one to punch out for the last time, T-Dog.  When I found out a main character was getting killed off in this episode I immediately thought it would be T-Dog.  This guy was definitely behind the scenes since the show started.  He might get one or two lines per episode and that’s if he even has any air time.  At first, when I found out season 3 was going to be in the prison, I thought maybe T-Dog was going to play a more dominant and “bad ass” role kind of like Tyreese from The Walking Dead graphic novel.  Perhaps they are saving that for the x-convict, Oscar.

Even though T-Dog didn’t have much of a role I was glad they made him go out like a champ.  The selfless act of sacrificing himself to save Carol was just right touch to portray him as the hero of the episode and get him a bunch of last minute fans.  The twitter feed was blowing up with positive comments about T-Dog and whether or not you liked him you have to admit, you were sad to see him go.

The second one to exit the show was Lori Grimes.  I have to say, this was a pleasant surprise.  I never would have guessed they were going to off Lori with so much unfinished business between her and Rick.  At least they let her go out with a little dignity. giving her life for her unborn child and all.  I think deep down she knew she was never survive the pregnancy anyway.

If by some off chance you were a Lori fan then there might be some good news for you.  We never actually did see if Carl had the guts to shoot his own mom in the head.  Who knows, we may get to see zombie Lori walking around… wondering… where’s Carl?

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