The Zombies are coming! Are you prepared?

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The Zombies are coming! Are you prepared?

Day by day, we are all becoming more and more aware of the stark reality of the impending zombie apocalypse. As we enter May, we enter Zombie Awareness Month.

With the over-saturation of chemicals in pretty much everything we touch, and new strains of disease popping up all over – not to mention the ever-present threat of germ warfare – it is all but inevitable that someday soon, in the not-too-distant future, we as human beings will become an active ingredient on the unnatural food chain. Our very existence will become that of staying one step ahead of the ravenous, brain-hungry undead creatures who are bound to overrun the planet. Survival of the fittest will embody an entirely new, frighteningly real definition for all of mankind.

The key to survival is preparation, and who better to prepare us with the most up-to-date guns and gear than the folks behind ‘Guns & Ammo’ magazine, with the soon-to-be-released ‘Zombie Nation’ publication? A user’s manual for outlasting the mindless hordes of fiendish flesh-eaters so recently returned from the grave, ‘Zombie Nation’ is a must-have for the longevity-minded among us. Rest assured that you have no better guides in the battle for humanity!

Featuring some of today’s most effective firepower and equipment in the quest for the perfect headshot, this 140 page issue will place you front and center in the battle for humanity, with actual trained professionals in the fields of military, SWAT, survival and defense, all lending their experience and expertise. Your training begins here and now in an effort to arm you with vital knowledge necessary to stay alive.

To ensure that you are ready for the ultimate battle, ‘Zombie Nation’ will also feature a special pullout zombie based practice target from range target designers, Killer Targets, ( allowing you to hone those up-close-and-personal shooting skills before finding yourself confronted with the real thing. Practice makes perfect, after all. Killer Targets specializes in producing training grade range targets that will help you prepare for that crucial headshot, no matter if you are carrying a pistol, rifle or the ever-silent crossbow.

Fans of Netherworld Haunted House will not want to miss this essential guide as featured photography for this issue took place within Netherworld. Actually, without Netherworld Haunted House, you might have never seen a publication like this. Jason Teague, writer for Guns and Ammo magazine, has worked off-duty security at Netherworld for years. There he met Peter Montgomery, creator of Killer Targets, who serves off-duty as an operations staff manager. Together they combined their collective knowledge of law enforcement, training, and zombie lore to collaborate on ‘Zombie Nation’ magazine and to produce a range target specifically for its readers.

‘Zombie Nation’ hits news stands on May 8th, and can be pre-ordered now through Intermedia Outdoors’ online store at:

Additional zombie targets and other cool products can be purchased at:

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