Zombie Stars: Where Are They Now?

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

5. Gerrit Graham- Bud the Chud: Gerrit Graham already had a long list of television titles on his resume before starring in the cult hit C.H.U.D. II Bud the Chud. Bud was a soldier that has chosen for the Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller project. Bud charmed the hearts of many in the 80’s to become an underground undead icon. Graham is known for his comic roles including Police Academy, The Tick and Star Trek fans will remember him as the suicidal Q on Voyager. So what’s old Bud, up to nowadays? His latest work is in the forgetful movie Au Pair 3: Adventures in Paradise. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

4.Linnea Quigley: Trash from Return of the Living Dead: Linnea Quigley was a legendary scream queen before she bared her breasts in a graveyard. “Trash is taking her clothes off again.” Quigley has continued her roles on B-movies and solidified herself as true master of the horror craft. Some of my favorite Linnea Quigley favorites include Sorority Girls in the Slimeball Bowl-a-rama, Curse of the Lesbian Love Goddess and Spring Break Massacre. If you hope to see Linnea on the big screen sometime soon don’t hold your breath, but the straight to video releases will likely have a title or two. Even into her 50’s, Linnea is doing her part to further the B-movie genre and continues to act.

3. Sherman Howard: Bub from Day of the Dead: Sherman Howard was hardly recognizable as the long dead Bub in Day of the Dead. He was the first zombie to truly have emotions and personality and has become one of the stars of the genre. Sherman is most often known for her voice work in several hit cartoon series including Batman Beyond and Invader Zim. Anymore you are more likely to hear him in video games including Red Dead Redemption. He still does the occasional acting part most recently in Law and Order in 2008.

2. Gaylen Ross: Francine in Dawn of the Dead: We last saw Francine literally flying into the sunset to escape the teeming dead in the mall from hell. Believe it or not, Francine was Ross’s first movie role and she followed up with only briefly with roles in Creepshow and Walker Texas Ranger. She got a taste of being behind the scenes as the casting director in Day of the Dead and has since spent most of her time writing and producing. She currently creates award winning documentaries for PBS including Caris’ Peace and Killing Kasztner.

1. Judith O’Dea: Barbara in Night of the Living Dead: They were coming to get her in Night of the Living Dead sparking one of the most phrases in horror movie history, Night was Judith’s first film and didn’t do any additional work until 1978 and took another hiatus until 2003. Judith is a fan favorite at conventions and she has been involved with several horror movie documentaries over the years. She seems to have caught the acting bug again and has been in three films since 2008 with her most recent, The Gathering, in preproduction.

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