The Tale of the Zombie Outlaw

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

Let me tell you an interesting little tale about how sometimes something cool just drops right into your lap.

So there I was just lurking on Twitter, as I sometimes (and when I say sometimes I mean always) do, when I got an interesting message. To cut it to it’s essence it went something like “Hey check out my awesome comic I think you should review it on your site because it’s so awesome”. Well that’s how I first read it because I’m a cynical bastard, it was actually much more polite and genuine. So I read it again with my nice guy glasses on and got him to email me with more details.

Attached to the email was this picture which immediately caught my attention and pretty much guaranteed that I was going to write something about it.

So I got back in touch with him and said “Yeah sure, I reckon I can take a look and write a review or possibly an article”. So there I was waiting for a link to another webcomic when he hits me with “I need your postal address so I can send it to you”.

I’m like WTF?!? it’s a “real” paper comic? awesome. So after a brief exchange of details the waiting begins, bear in mind I’m in the UK and he’s in the US. Turns out that transatlantic post is quicker than we thought. A few days later and a big white envelope drops onto my doormat. I promptly tear it open (i.e. carefully open it, after all it is a first edition and might be worth a fortune one day) and I’m greeted with this cover.

So let me tell you a little bit about this comic. It’s 32 pages of full colour zombie action. Scripted by Brian Apodaca and drawn by B. Paul Jordan it’s an engaging tale of a historic zombie resurrected in a modern day university.Legend has it that Edward Dransby, a rough-neck back in the 1800′s, was cursed to become the Zombie Outlaw in order to save a town’s brutal massacre from a zombie onslaught.

Will Simers is a graduate student at Irvine State University. He’s currently working as a Resident Advisor and is researching the legend of Edward Dransby. He has recently befriended Matthew Naismith, a resident of his dorm whose room is only 5 doors down from his own.

Matt is a freshman at I.S.U. He’s currently living in the dorms, adjusting to life on campus. His worries include keeping his grades up (which, to his dismay, means dragging himself out of bed to attend class), trying to gain some footage with his room-mates in the dorm, and catching the eye of that mysterious dark-haired girl from his Freshman Biology class, K.T. Delaney.

K.T. Delaney, a freshman at I.S.U., is majoring in Art History, with a minor in Biology. Her heroes include Soren Kirkeegaard, Plato, Picasso, and just about anyone outside of her new lab-partner, Matt Naismith.

There’s not much more I can say without spoiling it for you. It is the first issue after all and we all know that the first issue is all about setting the scene. I will say this though. Once you read issue one you will definitely be wanting issue two.

You can find out more and see some artwork at:


Keep in touch with Brian (the writer) on

And most importantly you can buy the comic online from

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